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Are you planning an unforgettable event in a special place with a movie suitable for your own handpicked audience?

Whether you’re organising your own ticketed event, a corporate screening for your customers or employees, a private screening for your Birthday party, or a welcome addition to your festival, we’re here to make it happen. We have a broad number of solutions to make your dream event a reality.

Indicative hire costs for our standard package: One-off cinema screenings are from NZ$4,500 plus GST (excluding copyright, generator and transport). Any additional screenings are from NZ$3,250 plus GST per night.


Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions below, so you can tick the boxes and get in touch with us to make a booking.


How big must the venue be?

Usually we use a space of two acres. But depending on the number of patrons you’re expecting, the space can be as big as a rugby field or as small as a Tennis court. The screen requires a flat area which is at least 24 meters wide x 20 meters deep.


What about sunset and lights?

We can start screening a film after sunset, but ideally 15 minutes after. It’s important there’s no direct light on the screen during the show. Make sure there’s some light after the screening, so people can leave the venue easily.


What about noise?

The speakers are positioned on either side of the screen towards the audience. There’s hardly any sound at the rear of the screen. Our sound system is quite powerful, so even if there’s a road close by it shouldn’t affect the show.


What about the ground surface?

It can be tar sealed, grass or sand. The screen needs to be fixed to the ground on four corners either with weights or earth anchors. The Mobile Projection Unit needs to have access to its final position as well to unload the screen (420 kg).


What about wind or rain?

Rain doesn’t affect the picture quality. We’re able to stop the screening at anytime to wait for a heavy shower to pass. If wind rises above 40km/h, we have to deflate the screen.



If weather conditions look threatening, Open-Air Cinema Ltd. reserves the right to protect its own equipment by delaying the set-up (until suitable weather conditions exist) or even cancelling the show.



If you’re planning an event over several days the Mobile Projection Unit and the screen have to be protected by security guards (damage / theft).


What about insurance?

Any accident involving Open-Air Cinema Ltd. equipment or employees of any outside participant is covered by Open-Air Cinema’s event liability insurance coverage.



Since our set-up is unique in New Zealand, we advise booking early. During our peak-season (January-March) we are often booked out. We also do indoor screenings and you can hire our projection equipment (including projectionist), with or without sound equipment, or the giant inflatable screen separately.


Can you manage my event, ticketing for me?

Yes, we are well experienced in event organisation, advertising and ticketing sales, and are happy to manage your event for you.



We have been involved with many fundraisers, and can offer special discounts, as well as organisation expertise to non-profit organisations, schools, sport teams, etc.



Indicative hire costs for our standard package can be found at the top of this page. Please remember to consider additional costs for film screening rights, generator hire and transport (if applicable).


If you’re interested in hiring us, or have any other questions, then please get in touch with us.